We host each other

We're a local community of people who let each other camp on our land for free. It's like having a friend-of-a-friend to stay with wherever you go.

Built on reciprocity

Reciprocity builds trust. Every night you host you earn a credit to stay a night as a guest.

Everyone hosts

Reciprocity builds trust and community. Every night you host you earn a credit to stay a night as a guest.

Hosting is easy

All you need to host is a parking spot and restroom access within walking distance. You approve every guest.

Renter & owner friendly

Unlike short-term rentals or subleasing, no cash changes hands. Hosting is like letting a friend swing by in their van.

Prime outdoor destinations

We focus on the top outdoor destinations in California. Places it used to be frustratingly difficult to find somewhere to stay.
Santa Cruz
Santa Barbara
Joshua Tree
San Diego
This isn't Airbnb and it isn't Couchsurfing. It's like having a trusted friend-of-a-friend to crash with wherever you go.
Private members-only site
Everyone is local and loves the outdoors
We all know what it's like to host
Friendly and respectful social norms
Every member is vetted


Host & Guest Membership: $30/yr
Three bonus credits on signup, enabling you to stay three nights as a guest before you host. After that, earn a credit each night you host.
Host Only Membership: Free
Great option for hosts who enjoy meeting new people or for businesses like breweries, wineries, and farms to generate more business.
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